Internet Fragmentation

Open Societies, like philosopher Karl Popper describes, are what today is perceived as one that protects freedom of communication and information, imposes little government censorship, and has diversely owned media. Open Societies are societies that can easily become “abstract” or “depersonalized”, and the Internet has a large part in this. The Internet allows us to extract and isolate our interests more quickly, to have anonymity, and become friends with people that we never met. Popper warned that with increased freedom of expression and consumption, comes the risk of increased individual isolation.

Although Popper’s prediction on risks of individual isolation is…

Voltaire: “The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch it from our neighbors, kindle it at home, communicate it to others and it becomes the property of all.”

Amazon’s Kindle

The scope of this evaluation is to understand how well information technology like Amazon’s Kindle, helps readers acquire passive, theoretical, and domain knowledge. I will question the instrumental value of using Kindle to gain and retain knowledge. …

The story behind my favorite Entrepreneur.

Enzo Ferrari

Before jumping into why I admire so much the entrepreneur that Enzo Ferrari was, I would like to first define clearly what the notion of Entrepreneur means to me, as a college student in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Marketing.

The common perception of Entrepreneurship is that it is a combination of leadership and passion, but I believe that what distinguishes an Entrepreneur from the mass is his ability to create value in people and his Human Cognition.

Human Cognition describes all conscious and unconscious processes by which knowledge is accumulated, such as perceiving, recognizing, conceiving…

Following my grandfather’s path in search of my own.

Took this picture on my second day.

My acknowledgment of San Francisco started when as a kid, my father would tell me stories of my grandfather, which I never had the chance to meet, traveling around the world for business and to explore all corners of the world. My grandfather was an Entrepreneur, an Artist, a Pioneer, and an Inspiration for me. He created a family business on what he mastered: art. He first manufactured and sold his furniture in Italy and then expanded internationally and traveled the world to buy new materials and find new customers. In the ’70s, my grandfather traveled to Hong Kong, Osaka…

Sofia Malferrari

Italian | Student

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